Tenant Loans

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Secured Loans: TYPICAL 10.9 % APR VARIABLE
Majority of the customers pay less than 10.9% APR.Our rates vary from 7.9% APR Varaiable to 19.9% APR Varaiable. The highest rate is for customers with severe credit problems.
Unsecured Loans: TYPICAL 19.9 % APR VARIABLE
Majority of the customers pay less than 19.9% APR. Our rates vary from 7.4% APR Varaiable to 41% APR Varaiable. The highest rate is for customers with severe credit problems.

Tenant Loans

Are you unable to get a loan because you cannot keep the security? Do you need loans to tide you over some financial crisis? Don’t worry. We can help you out in finding loans at good rates of interest. We help arrange Tenant Loans for you at economical rates.

What are Tenant Loans?

Tenant Loans are usually unsecured loans since you do not have any home to keep as a security. This makes the Tenant Loan more risky for the lenders and thus attracts a higher rate of interest. Tenant Loans are easier to process because it does not involve evaluation of your home. But on the other hand it takes you through a more stringent credit check.

Tenant Loans are unsecured and are, therefore, good for private tenants, council tenants or people staying with parents. Tenant Loans can be taken for almost any purpose. Tenant Loans can be used for:

. Buying a New Car

. Taking a Dream Holiday

. Debt Consolidation or Paying off Old Debts

. Paying Educational Fees etc.

Tenant Unsecured Loans normally charge a higher rate of interest because it involves more risk for the lender. Like any other unsecured loan, for Tenant Loans you also have to go though a stricter credit check. This makes the approval for Tenant Loans difficult and you get only a limited amount of money since Tenant Loans are unsecured.

We help organize the best Tenant Loans for you even if you have Bad Credit history or County Court Judgments (CCJs) or Mortgage Arrears. Our Business Partners provide Tenant Loans at very best rates possible and allow you the freedom to choose the most appropriate loan for yourself. We provide quick and hassle free service. After you fill in the application form, we verify the details and send it to our Business Partners who process the same.

By repaying your borrowing over a longer term, your overall interest charges will increase. Should you repay your loan early, some early settlement charges may apply.