Bridging Loans

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Secured Loans: TYPICAL 10.9 % APR VARIABLE
Majority of the customers pay less than 10.9% APR.Our rates vary from 7.9% APR Varaiable to 19.9% APR Varaiable. The highest rate is for customers with severe credit problems.
Unsecured Loans: TYPICAL 19.9 % APR VARIABLE
Majority of the customers pay less than 19.9% APR. Our rates vary from 7.4% APR Varaiable to 41% APR Varaiable. The highest rate is for customers with severe credit problems.

Bridging Loans

Bridging Loan is designed to cover the shortfall that arises between buying and selling a property or business. Between the purchase and the sale, a certain amount of time elapses. To fill up this gap, apply-4-loans bring to you with our lenders: Bridging Loans also termed as ‘Short Term Loans’. Its hallmarks are short term availability at a swifter notice. A wide network of esteemed lenders ensures that best Bridging Loan is made available to you.

A Bridging Loan is a short term mortgage which is secured by property. This is generally arranged by getting a mortgage on the new property and taking a second mortgage on the property being sold. Bridging Loans allow you to borrow a certain amount which you can pay back as soon as you have sold your property.

The salient features of Bridging Loans are as follows:

. Arrangement of loans at low interest rates.

. Affordable re-payment options.

. Very competitive rates on our Bridging Loans.

. Adoption of a flexible approach towards making a Bridging Loan available to you.

Bridging Loans find their use in the renovation of buildings, sorting your temporary cash flow problems, non-clearance of your first financial dealing and much more.

apply-4-loans makes available for you the Bridging Loans with the help of our lenders. Bridging Loans can be availed despite your Adverse Credit, Arrears, County Court Judgements (CCJs), or your Self-Employed Status. Persons with a discharged bankruptcy have the benefit of a Bridging Loan arrangement within a quick span of time also. apply-4-loans processes your application with speed as we forward it to our lenders.

Just complete the application form alongside to avail some of the best Bridging Loans. With apply-4-loans, you can rest your worries and get the loan you desire.