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Visitors to this website are advised that Apply-4-Loans DOES NOT deal in Mortgages or Remortgages. We only offer unsecured loans and secured loans (as second charge).

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Secured Loans: TYPICAL 10.9 % APR VARIABLE
Majority of the customers pay less than 10.9% APR.Our rates vary from 7.9% APR Varaiable to 19.9% APR Varaiable. The highest rate is for customers with severe credit problems.
Unsecured Loans: TYPICAL 19.9 % APR VARIABLE
Majority of the customers pay less than 19.9% APR. Our rates vary from 7.4% APR Varaiable to 41% APR Varaiable. The highest rate is for customers with severe credit problems.

Business Loans For You

These days, expansion is the mantra in the business lexicon. Aspirations to venture into newer aspects of the businesses are the in thing. If thoughts like these have been occupying your mind, since some time and you feel your will is not the Himalayan hurdle, but the finances, then you may apply for a Business Loan.

We have tied up with some of the best Business Loan lenders in the market to help you apply and get the most suitable Business Loans for you.

Our partners’ Business Loan packages are comprehensive in all aspects. Following are some of the features: . Low APR

. Flexible financing options

. Easy and hassle free online application process

. Faster verification procedure

. Wider range of options

Business Loans may be Secured or Unsecured. Secured Business Loans can be taken by pledging your house or a property as collateral. A Secured Business Loan is the best way to raise money for your business as the rate of interest on them is low. apply-4-loans as a site doesn’t disappoint you on these counts and an array of Secured Business Loans can be availed of here. Flexibility in repayment and the credit barriers not acting as an impediment are dimensions defining the Secured Business Loans.

On the flip side, we can talk of another condition. Suppose you don’t have any security to offer in lieu of an amount you want to borrow. Would you shelve the plans to move ahead for an expansion? Or for that matter, not think about a new business venture. Chances are that you might.

apply-4-loans proposes not to proceed with the shelving of your business plans. Because, we help offer Unsecured Business Loans package for these specialized cases. Lower Rates of Interest and Flexible Repayment Plans are the hallmark of A hassle free online application form saves your precious time and all you need to do to start on the way is to fill it.